- Riley

My personal story

It's so goddamn frustrating growing up bisexual in the United States. I can't even begin with the amount of repressed thoughts I've had my entire life. At a very early age I recognized a few things about my upbringing that has gnawed at me for fifteen years! That's way to long for anyone to repress who they are. I wish these things on no one. Sometimes I just lay in bed and dream of all the experiences I could have had.


Even today I'm only out to my wife and a select few friends. The thought of having to keep this all from my family for my entire life out of the fact that they would disown me is nothing short of disappointing. 

This blog is an outlet. As someone who is quite sexually driven this is just another way for me to express myself. I have no intention on going public about who I am. The long term goal is to eventually write wild sexual adventure novels under a pen name.