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A Tent of Four

Embers glowing red hot on a brisk fall evening kept the two couples huddled up next to the fire for warmth. The sun was setting beyond the trees, leaving a twilight sky of pink and blue. Ameil sat back on his mat to get a good view of the sky while his girlfriend leaned into him even more than before. Melissa and Ameil had been together for several months, and to say they were sexually compatible was a bit of an understatement. Their last time together, only the night before, resulted in Ameil orally pleasuring Mel for what seemed to be only a few minutes. When he lifted his head to check on her, he found it had been nearly an hour, and Mel was writhing in pleasure upon their bed. Across from the couple sat two they had met in a bar a few weeks back. Ryan and Emma were stunning to look at. Ryan was pure muscle and stood at five foot eleven with a full sleeve tattoo on his left arm. His strong jaw and well-kept beard would make anyone swoon over him. Emma was a cute blonde with a pixie cut. She looked ready to dawn cat ears and be Ryan’s pet for the night. Ameil felt a little incompetent next to them and even next to Mel. He was nowhere near as strong as Ryan, and he felt like Emma was someone who might ignore him. Mel was a stunning brunette with hair down past her shoulders and green eyes that could make anyone cower in lost confidence. With all this, Ameil and Mel got along better than they could have imagined.

The night carried on, and the four of them talked about a variety of topics. Ameil could tell that Mel was only half interested in whatever conversation came up. How she was caressing his arm and the random finger stroking up his spine told Ameil there was only one thing on her mind.

“Think we are going to call it,” Emma stood up, tugging at Ryan as she said so. “Might try to have a nice cuddly night before we sleep.

Ameil looked around and realized it was late, but the warmth of the fire was just so lovely. Ryan and Emma took off to their tent and shuffled around as they zipped it up. Mel did not hesitate and was unzipping Ameil’s pants.

“I just want to enjoy you next to this fire,” she whispered as she pulled out Ameil’s

firm cock.

Ameil did not protest; he leaned back and ran a finger up and down Mel’s ass as she worked magic with her tongue. Down Ameil’s shaft to the pubes that surrounded the base and back up to the tip that was dripping with pre-cum. They both loved cum and shared it plenty with each other. Mel licked it all up and continued to have her way with Ameil, who was trying hard not to let out a moan.

Moans that Mel thought came from her man as her head shot up to tell him to keep quiet. Ameil looked at Mel as if something was wrong. He was ready to address her concern, but that’s when Ameil heard it too. Ryan and Emma were fucking like rabbits in their tent and were not being quiet about it. The constant smacking of skin could be heard, as well at little moans that Emma let out.

Ameil and Mel let out little giggles at each other as they heard their new friends getting down and dirty. Mel scooted up to her boy and whispered, “This is kind of hot, no?”

With a quick nod, he responded, “I’m not complaining.”

Stroking his cock Mel continued to whisper, “If Emma chose to fuck you, how would you want it to go?”

Ameil leaned into his cock being stroked and responded, “I just want her to sit on my face. God, that ass is so fucking nice. How about you and Ryan?”

“I want to ride his cock. Just let me work my magic on that shaft,” Mel laughed and returned to wrap her mouth around Ameil’s cock. She reached up and pinched his nipples. Ameil focused on the little moans Emma was making as Mel pleasured his cock how she saw fit. He was rock hard, and his cock throbbed in utter desire. He closed his eyes, listening to the rhythmic smacking noise not even twenty feet from where he sat. He wished more would happen and dreamed about what they could do together. Without even thinking, Ameil let out a soft moan. Mel stopped, and as she pulled the cock out of her mouth, it made a loud popping noise as the pressure released past her lips. They looked at each other wide-eyed and grinned, stretching across their faces. Ameil was ready to slide his pants back up if it was necessary. Everything went quiet over the camp. Even Emma’s cute moans could no longer be heard, which worried Ameil. A worry came real as a zipper hummed from Emma and Ryan’s Tent.

“You’re welcome to join us!” Emma’s head popped out of the opening in her tent. “If not, that’s ok too! We don’t judge!”

Ameil had nearly finished pulling his pants up while Melissa hid behind her man. There was a bit of a pause as the invitation remained pending. Ameil and Mel weren’t sure they were correct in what they had heard and were too afraid to ask.

Mel broke the silence with her head swinging to the side to get a good view of Emma, “I mean, Ameil was fantasizing about the two of you out here with us. If that’s what you’re asking.”

“Oh? We were fantasizing about the two of you as well! I thought you’d two join us in the tent!” Emma excitedly bounced as she spoke.

“What would we be doing in this tent?” Mel asked.

Emma unzipped the tent, revealing her fully nude body. She leaned back and rhythmically moved up and down. The others saw in the firelight that she was riding Ryan’s cock. Up and down she went inserting his cock as deep as possible. She sat there, grinding in his lap. Ryan’s hands reached around and gripped her nipples firmly. Her head leaned back, and Ryan bit her neck. She let out a moan that shivered down the spines of Ameil, who was hard as a rock, and Mel, who was dripping wet.

“Why don’t you come here and find out,” Emma let out a sigh as she spoke.

Mel did not hesitate; she jumped up and kissed Ameil. Such passion as their tongues began intertwining before she spoke, “I love you so much; let’s have fun together. I trust you.”

Ameil was entirely on board, “I trust you.”

Mel took off toward the tent while Ameil did not bother buttoning up his pants. They both hopped in and jumped on either side of Ryan and Emma.

“Both of you sit there; I want to undress her,” Emma ordered.

The two men sat together on the other side of the tent while Emma worked on Mel. She kissed Mel, pulling her crop top off, revealing her black sports bra. Down her neck, Emma kissed, then to her chest, over the bra, kissing her stomach, next around her belly button, and down to the edges of her yoga pants. Emma took the pants off without hesitation and made her way back up Mel’s leg.

They looked to a naked Ryan and Ameil, who now had his pants and underwear off. Both stroked their cocks as they took every second of Emma and Mel together.

“I bet the two of you are loving this,” Emma said as she pulled Mel’s thong aside and revealed her cleanly shaven pussy. “I might be loving it more.”

Emma pressed her fingers against Mel’s pussy, forcing her clit out and upward. Her tongue danced around Mel’s clit. She started moaning and throbbing her hips upward, trying to get more. Mel leaned back and spread her legs further out before wrapping them around Mel. She then ran her fingers through Emma’s hair, but Emma reached up and grabbed Mel by the wrist.

“I’m in charge here,” Emma grinned and pinned Mel on her back. She rotated Mel and lightly smacked her inner thighs, forcing her to spread her legs more for the boys to see. “Give them the best view of their lives. Your pussy is so gorgeous, and they should see this.”

Mel meekly looked at Emma and nodded her head. Her pussy throbbed and dripped with such excitement. Emma now had both of Mel’s wrists pinned above her head as she lay on the tent floor.

With her free hand, Emma removed Mel’s thong, and as her hand returned, she spanked Mel a

cross the clit. Mel let out an insanely loud moan. She was caught off guard, but pleasure burst through every inch of her body as Emma’s hand struck her click again. Next, Emma penetrated Mel with two fingers. Soaking wet, Emma slid them out, up around the vulva, and against Mel’s clit.

The two of them gave the men such a show. They watched as Emma did as she pleased, and they both sat stroking their cocks, waiting for Emma to give them commands, but they did not need to wait long.

Emme released Mel. She pulled Mel up to sit and said, “You’re going to ride Ryan and watch Ameil pleasure me.”

No one wasted a moment. Ryan moved into a sitting position, Mel removed her sports bra, and Emma stood behind Ameil with her arms wrapped around him.

“Watch as she’s penetrated,” Emma whispered in Ameil’s ear.

Mel’s pussy was dripping so much it could be seen running down her legs. She stood over Ryan in reverse cowgirl and slowly let his vast cock enter. Slowly sliding down. Ameil realized how much he loved watching Mel ride someone’s cock.

Starting slow, Mel began to ride faster and faster. Ryan spanked Mel, and she let out a moan.

“I don’t think that was hard enough, Ryan,” Emma said.

Ryan spanked again, much harder. Mel let out a delightful squeal.

“Again, please spank me again,” Mel begged. “Even harder.”

Ryan swung his hand and contacted Mel’s ass with a thunderous smack. Emma and Ameil both grinned and watched as Ryan and Mel fucked.

“Time for you to watch, Mel,” Emma said as she approached Ameil. She stuck her as in Ameil’s face, who immediately began to lick. She leaned forward and kissed Mel as Ameil pleasured her clit with his tongue.

Reaching up, Ameil grabbed Mel’s ass, spreading her cheeks. His cock throbbed as he tasted her pussy. His tongue pleasured her clit, but he also took his time licking up and down her labia, twisting along her vulva and penetrating her vagina. Ameil loved the taste. He enjoyed the moment before going back to focusing entirely on Emma’s clit.

Emma moaned the moment Ameil’s tongue started encircling her clitoris. She writhed and moaned, gripping her nipples as Ameil massaged and stroked her thighs. She realized she needed more. Watching Ryan’s cock enter and exit Mel was what she wanted. She reached back and pushed Ameil back by the shoulders and sat in reverse cowgirl. Not wasting any time to get Ameil’s thick cock as deep as it would go. Riding up and down, she reached across and pulled Mel close to her. Their tongues twisted together as they moaned and rode each other’s men.

Ryan was the first to speak up, “Oh fuck, I’m not going to make it any longer.”

Mel was off and frantically helped Ryan up. She needed his cum and grabbed hold of his wet cock, and stroked it until he exploded. The others continued fucking and watched as Ryan blew all over Mel’s face. Thick ropes of cum covered her from chin to forehead. Her mouth was wide open, allowing it to splatter across her tongue.

Ameil did not last any longer. Watching his girlfriend get covered in cum was the hottest thing. Emma hopped off and was on her knees for Ameil. He moaned and growled as cum shot from his cock. Emma laughed and ate up as much as she could. Her face was still plenty covered.

“All right, do us both a favor. Clean it up,” Emma grinned. “Wait, let me be more specific. Clean it up with your tongues.”

Ryan knelt before Mel, and Ameil was on his knees. Emma stopped Ameil as she wanted to watc

h Ryan and Mel first. They both stared and remained turned on as fuck as Ryan licked up his cum. Mel was grinning from

ear to ear with this treatment. Not long and Mel was immaculate, and Ryan swallowed every drop.

“Your turn, and don’t swallow it,” Emma commanded.

Ameil did not waste any time. His tongue danced all over Emma’s face, chasing every bit of cum he could find. He felt Mel embrace him as he licked Emma’s face. His cock hardened again with this activity. The last drop was licked up.

“Good boy,“ Emma said and pressed her lips against his. Her tongue then chased after every bit of cum she could get. Mel and Ryan watched wide-eyed as Emma and Ameil swapped cum back and forth. Their tongues danced around his load until they swallowed what they could until it was all gone.

“You know, you all could just sleep in this tent with us tonight,” Emma stated as she pulled everyone on top of her. The four of them piled together, their hands touching, gripping, sliding, and stroking each other. Ameil and Ryan also caressed each other’s cocks while Mel and Emma stroked any nipple they could handle. They all talked, touched, kissed, and cuddle-fucked the night away.

Like my story? I love coffee. It helps me have time to write more.

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