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Updated: May 3, 2023

(Contents: Male & Female Nudity, FemDom, Gay Sex)

The bar Remi was resting in was beginning to fill with people from all over the city. They packed in on a Friday to escape whatever misery had befallen them during the workweek. Enough people crowded around the bar and at whatever table was available that the bartenders could no longer keep up with the rush. Remi saw this as a sign to take his time sipping his bourbon. He already felt bad enough with a table all to himself. Bothering the ones working behind the bar was the last thing Remi wanted.

"Can we join you?" a voice called over to Remi.

A bit confused, Remi looked around to make sure no one was standing behind him. With how crowded the place was, he would not have been surprised if he just happened to be between a group of friends.

"Yes, you! This place is packed, and we are both tired of standing."

The two waited in front of Remi, hoping to grab a seat. Remi looked up and blinked. Caught a little off guard, but he quickly nodded and motioned for them to take a seat. Worried his voice might crack out of the sudden interruption, Remi remained quiet while the two got comfortable across from him. The girl was wearing a green dress that was cut about mid-thigh. It took her a moment to slide into her seat. Remi noted a rather prominent piercing on just her left nipple and a plethora of tattoos consisting of flowers and hard-edged shapes from her left wrist, up her arm, and down her side, disappearing under her dress. The tattoos continued on and reappeared down her leg and all the way to her left ankle. Dozens of other tattoos in various places and a massive piece across her shoulder blades. Her hair was brown with some natural-looking blonde highlights that she quickly braided after taking a seat. Remi was impressed by her biceps. It was apparent she worked out like it was a religion. The boy she was with was relatively skinny, with black curly hair that drooped down to his eyes and a neatly trimmed beard. Remi saw a single helix piercing of black metal in his right ear, but no other piercings or tattoos that Remi noticed.

"I'm Dante, and this is my girlfriend Adrianna," the words rolled off Dante's tongue.

"Well, not that kind of girlfriend," Adrianna interjected.

"Bitch, I'm pretty sure you'd fuck me at first chance. Just because you're taking a break from dating doesn't mean I don't know you're getting laid."

"Dante, we don't even know who we are sitting with yet, and you want to air my dirty laundry in front of him. Not only that, the question is would you fuck me?" Adrianna shot back with a bit of a sly grin.

"Remi," Remi spoke while slowly spinning his glass of bourbon.

Dante sideways glanced at Remi then back to Adrianna. He raised a finger and spoke with his hand pointing about, "I was going to say you got me, but you jumped in at quite the time. Are you normally this awkward?"

"Not normally; I just wasn't expecting company," Remi said as he rotated his glass of bourbon another half turn.

"Right," Dante nodded while staring ever so confidently at Remi. "I like your hair. I need a drink, babe. Do you want anything?"

Remi was a bit taken aback. He thought his crew cut was looking a bit atrocious after a long day of work.

"Water," Adrianna said with an exhausted groan.

"God, you're so fucking boring. Anything else?"

"It's been a long night, ok! Water and surprise me."

"That helps so much," Dante turned away.

Remi quickly called out to Dante, "Put it on my tab. I'll buy your first drinks."

Dante grinned and quickly spoke before scurrying off to the bar, "I like this one."

Remi could see his skin-tight black leather pants that went perfectly with his deep blue button-up. Dante's ass was perfectly formed, and Remi could not help but stare. The time to look away came; Remi jerked his eyes away from Dante's ass and focused his attention on Adrianna, who was readjusting her skin-tight dress. He was genuinely impressed with how muscular she was.

"Don't mind him; he's always a bit forward," Adrianna said before asking, "Have you ever been here before?"

Remi set down his bourbon before he answered the question, "No, I'm in town for the week for work."

"Nice, welcome to town. If we are going to talk about work things, Dante and I are both data analysts. I personally would much rather be out climbing a rock, but Dante likes expensive drinks," Adrianna laughed. "What about you? You travel a lot for work?"

"I'm a broadcast engineer. So, here and about," Remi answered. He felt his cock jump in his pants. Adrianna was quite cute. Her stark brown eyes and intricate tattoos were quite eye-catching. Remi needed to shift in his seat to secretly readjust. The last thing he wanted was to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Dante came back with two fancy blue drinks in hand.

"I told you water," Adrianna looked a tad annoyed with her coworker.

"I've only got two hands. I'll grab you one on the way out," Dante tried to defend himself but still managed to only catch a look from his gorgeous friend. "Also, the man bought you a drink. The least you can do for him is give him your number."

"No, I'm definitely not interested in any dates right now," Adrianna laughed.

"Well, if I can't get her number, can I get yours?" Remi was quite forward when he looked at Dante, "I did buy you a drink as well."

Dante was mid-drink and nearly spit it back at the question. Adrianna, on the other hand, had a huge grin across her face.

"You're really coming out of your shell here, aren't you. I'll do you one better. You can take me home tonight for buying me a drink. If you want," Dante laughed.

"Is a hotel alright with you?" Remi's leg shook a bit as he asked. His heart was beginning to race as he stared into Dante's green eyes.

Dante did not hesitate. He downed his drink and smacked the base of the glass on the table, "Adrianna, get an Uber for yourself."

"What? You're just gonna abandon me like that?" Adrianna protested. "I mean, go ahead, but that was fast."

Remi understood the position that Adrianna was in and kind of felt bad for her. The two continued to chatter about the current arrangement. Remi felt Dante's foot slide across the floor and press against the side of his. Remi's cock throbbed again, and he pressed back against Dante's foot. With one last sip of his bourbon, Remi interrupted, "How about this? I close out, and we all get an Uber. We can drop Adrianna off first, go get the things that we need, then go back to the hotel."

"Innovative, I like this," Dante said as he pointed at Remi. Their eyes met, and they couldn't stop staring at each other.

"I have an even better idea," Adrianna chimed in, and the two boys yanked their eyes from each other and gave her all their attention. "How about we all get a ride, and I go to the hotel and watch."

Remi's heart jumped and felt every ounce of blood available flow directly to his cock. It throbbed and squirmed in his tight underwear. He had to wait for the right moment to safely readjust without anyone noticing. Remi wondered if Dante was hard over all this.

"I never thought you had it in you. I think that's a brilliant idea," Dante grinned. "You're not going to be weird at work about this, are you?"

"I think I'll manage," Adrianna laughed. "I'm not joining, just watching. So if I fall asleep and you have to drag my tired ass home later, I'll blame the two of you for being boring."

Dante reached across, downed Adrianna's drink, and stood up all in one motion, "Let's go!"

Adrianna rolled her eyes at him and scooted out from her seat while Remi stood up to close his tab. The both of them met at the bar while Adrianna grabbed herself a water bottle to go. She looked at Remi as they were leaving and said with a smile on her face, "Should be a fun night now."

Remi laughed at the thought of fun that was about to be had. He followed the gorgeous Adrianna out of the bar. Her ass was built like she lived her life doing squats daily. He could tell the girl was intentionally showing off for him as they both walked out the front door. His eyes met with Dante. Out of nervousness, Dante immediately pulled his eyes away and continued to dig through his phone, trying to get a ride. Thoughts of sucking Dante's cock played in Remi's mind.

Within minutes a car pulled up with a squeak of the tires. Their ride had arrived. Adrianna immediately claimed the front seat leaving the back to both Remi and Dante. Neither of them wasted much time. Remi forced his foot up against Dante's, who retaliated with playful gestures with the tips of his fingers all the way up Remi's arm. Remi, rock hard, looked over to see Dante's cock was bulging through his tight pants. Dante pulled Remi's hand over and placed it across his cock. Remi felt his heart pound as he gently grabbed the cock through Dante's pants. They both would shoot glances forward to ensure the driver hadn't noticed, but deep down, Remi did not care if the driver saw.

The ride felt way too quick as Dante and Remi had an enjoyable time teasing each other in the back. They stopped by a store to pick up whatever supplies they needed before heading to their final destination. Ten minutes from the store and the car pulled up to the hotel doors. Adrianna hopped out and looked around, to which she quickly exclaimed, "This place is nice!"

Remi stepped out of the car behind Dante and said, "Yeah, work tends to put us up in nicer places. I'm not complaining."

The three of them quickly made their way across the lobby to the nearest elevator. Remi hoped no one really saw this with how turned on he was. Walking behind Dante did not help with his perfectly shaped ass in those tight black pants. Adrianna in the distance looked hot as well; Remi had nothing but gorgeous people to look at, which made walking around with an erection somewhat uncomfortable.

With a ding, the elevator doors opened, and the three of them stepped inside. Remi hit the close door button as soon as he stepped in. As soon as the doors closed, Dante pinned Remi across the back wall of the elevator. Remi felt Dante's grip on his wrists tighten before Dante's lips pressed against his own. Letting go of one wrist, Dante reached down and grabbed Remi's cock through his pants. Remi followed his lead and did the same. They both stroked each other's cocks as their tongues tied together.

"Yeah, I get that, but what floor?" Adrianna stood next to the buttons.

Dante pulled his lips away, "God Damnit. Is it going to be like this all night?"

Remi cracked a smile and laughed over the exchange, "It's floor three."

Up the elevator went, and down onto his knees, Dante went. He lifted up Remi's shirt and kissed his abs just above the belt. Remi ran his fingers through Dante's curly hair, who responded by stroking Remi's cock. Moments later, the elevator dinged as the doors opened. Dante shot upward and stood next to Remi as if nothing had ever happened. He stormed off into the hall, followed by Remi. Adrianna was the last off and spoke as Remi passed her, "Like I said. This is going to be fun to watch."

Remi pulled out his room card and approached the door. Of course, it rejected the card on the first try, the second, and the third.

"Man, the foreplay is fucking killing me," Dante joked.

Remi laughed nervously. Trying his card another time which opened the door on the fourth try. Not a moment to spare, and Remi felt Dante's embrace from behind. Dante started undoing Remi's belt while Remi leaned his head back and received kisses on his neck. Adrianna quickly stepped past the two and found a spot on a nearby chair.

Off the belt came; Remi quickly helped Dante pull his pants off. Dante spanked Remi before ripping off his shirt and going for Remi's nipples while unbuttoning his own.

Remi grabbed Dante by the shoulders and pushed him back onto the bed. His hands worked as fast as they could to pull Dante's pants down, revealing a red thong. Remi pressed his face against Dante's front, taking in all the smells before pulling Dante's thong aside, unleashing a large veiny cock. Dante flexed, and Remi felt the veins throb as he licked from the base and all the way up the shaft. The smell was euphoric. Remi derived so much joy from pleasuring a man that he had to reach down jerk his own cock while his tongue twisted around Dante's.

Pre-cum splurged into Remi's mouth, and he loved every drop of it. Remi downed as much cock as his throat could handle, nearly reaching the base of the shaft with his lips. Dante's hand gripped Remi's hair, and they both moaned utter pleasure at each other. With a cock still in his mouth, Remi worked his way out of his own underwear, revealing a bigger cock with short hair around the base. He jerked his own shaft while working Dante's up and down. Dante leaned back on the bed and moaned. He squirmed from the pleasure that his partner was providing. Dante pinched his own nipples with his free hand and groaned from how good Remi was at sucking.

Coming up for air, Remi reached up and jerked off a saliva-covered Dante. A cock in each hand, he looked over to see Adrianna had undressed down to her purple thong and was rubbing her clit over in a nearby chair. Her body was perfect there in the chair. She had such cute tiny nipples, one of which had a small metal bar through it. Their eyes met, and she smiled before reaching into her purse and throwing the lubricant, recently purchased, onto the bed.

A naked Remi crawled up the bed, kissing every inch of Dante as he went. He stopped and pleasured Dante's nipples with light bites. It wasn't long before Dante grabbed Remi by the chin and pulled him further up, forcing Remi to kiss him on the lips. Remi reached down again and jerked off Dante, who did the same to Remi. Their tongues spun around in each other's mouths as they gripped each other tightly.

"I need you in me right fucking now, you dirty little slut," Dante spoke in between each kiss.

Remi did not hesitate to respond to this request. He flipped Dante over onto his stomach and pulled the thong to the side. He reached for a pillow and placed it under his partner's hips, then look

ed for the lubricant that was no longer on the bed. Eyes darted about, not wanting to slow down the momentum that they had. Adrianna was standing next to him, her tattooed body now completely naked.

"Let me help you with that," she said, dangling the lubricant. She squirted oil on Remi's cock and across Dante's asshole. Her hand reached over and stroked Remi's cock a few times to get it nice and covered. Without saying a word, she retreated back to her corner with the lubricant, where she continued to pleasure herself as she watched.

Remi loved watching her return to her seat but very quickly spun his head around back to Dante. He leaned forward and kissed Dante across his strong shoulders before taking a hand and pinning Dante's head to the bed. With his free hand, Remi slid his lubed-up cock in between Dante's ass cheeks. Dante squeezed Remi's cock and moaned at the thought of it going on.

"Oh, come on! Please put it in me," Dante begged.

"What's that?" Remi taunted, placing the very tip of his cock in a position to gently rub Dante's asshole.

"Please, I need it in my ass." Dante continued to beg.

Remi pressed forward, and with just enough effort, the tip popped in. Dante let out such a moan and squirmed from pleasure. Remi leaned forward and licked Dante's ear as he slowly slid his cock as deep in as it would possibly go.

"I'm in control, and you listen to everything," Remi whispered into Dante's ear. He started to slide the cock back out. "Not nearly as awkward now that I've got my cock in you."

Remi slid his cock until just the tip remained before he pressed back in.

Dante wiggled from pleasure, "Yes, whatever you say. God, your fucking cock is so good."

Picking up the pace, Remi worked his cock in and out, gaining speed but maintaining a good rhythm. Each press-inward was met with a near-perfect slap and caused a rise out of Dante. With each moan from Dante, Remi felt more turned on. Even Adrianna over in the corner leaned forward and gave out little moans from rubbing her pussy. Remi glanced over to Adrianna and watched her masturbate for a bit while he pounded Dante's ass.

Reaching down and pinning one of Dante's arms across his back, Remi was in complete control. His cock throbbed inside Dante's ass, and Remi moaned from the tight grip he felt wrapped around him. Without warning, Remi lost control and worked his cock back and forth in rapid succession. Letting go of Dante, he fell forward onto Dante's back and uncontrollably kissed any part of skin his lips could reach. Dante looked back as far as he could, and their lips met. Both of them were moaning and kissing as Remi's cock rapidly slid back and forth. Remi felt an orgasm slowly begin to build from his ass and work its way to the front.

Their bodies dripping in sweat let them slide nicely across each other's bodies. It didn't take much more before Remi reached the point of no return. His thrusts sped up as he felt his orgasm coming on. Dante's ass was just too good, but he asked anyway, "Where do you want it?"

"It's up to you, sir," Dante responded through a moan.

Remi quickly pulled out with a euphoric explosion in his cock, and Dante flipped over onto his back. Utter pleasure escaped Remi's mouth, and as he moaned, Dante slipped a finger into Remi's ass. Remi jerked his cock vigorously as splurts of cum splattered across Dante's chest, neck and face. His hips twerked with every squirt, his spine tingled from each additional stroke he took, and his jaw shook as he breathed dee

ply in and out. After everything was done, Remi and Dante stared blissfully into each other's eyes. He leaned forward and licked up bits of cum from Dante's nipple while Dante used his finger to swallow some of it himself.

"Thank you," Remi sighed as he hugged the cum covered man.

Dante was quite happy with the result. He pulled his thong off and gently caressed Remi's cock as he spoke, "It's my turn now."

Remi nodded and quickly went to get cleaned off before returning to a completely naked Dante standing at the foot of the bed. Remi got down on his knees and firmly gripped Dante's large and veiny cock with both of his hands.

Adrianna hopped up and landed next to Remi to whisper into his ear, "Since you take no issue with cum, I'll make a deal with you. Show me every drop in your mouth, swallow it, and then you've earned my number."

Remi smiled and shyly nodded to her. He looked up to Dante, who was immensely enjoying having his cocked caressed. Dante sat down on the bed, and Remi spared no time rubbing his lips up and down the shaft. The perfectly shaven cock in his hands was a thing of beauty. Remi's own cock, hard just from the smell of Dante, bounced with every movement Remi made to pleasure Dante. He placed a ball in his mouth and swished it around while stroking a moaning and happy man. He popped the ball out and pushed the tip of Dante's cock to the back of his throat. Remi looked across the room, and his eyes locked with Adrianna. She stared and moaned with pleasure with every stroke across her pussy that was dripping from watching the two men pleasure each other.

Remi kept working the cock watching as Adrianna came. Squirming in her chair, she groaned and wiggled about until her orgasm subsided. She was left giggling over the pleasure she had endured. Her lips kissed the air at Remi, who pulled Dante's cock out of his mouth and air-kissed back at her. Remi struggled to look away from Adrianna but decided it was best to put all his focus back into Dante. He really wanted that phone number, and making Dante cum would make it happen, but also hoping that Adrianna's number would give Remi more chances to sleep with Dante. He immensely enjoyed every moment of this, and the id

ea of being a throuple crossed his mind.

Remi wrapped his finger and thumb around Dante's cock, moving it up and down with his lips. Dante squirmed from this and moaned uncontrollably. Remi could tell it would not take long to make his partner cum. Remi pinched Dante's nipples with his free hand while bobbing his head up and down on Dante's cock. Switching it up, Remi's other hand slid up and down while his mouth held the tip allowing his tongue to work circles before going back to bobbing up and down. Remi freed his fingers from Dante's nipples and placed two on Dante's oily ass. He rubbed and teased Dante's ass while his tongue worked magic on Dante's cock. Dante moaned in utter pleasure with each jerk, and Remi could tell he was ready to explode.

A finger pressed deeply into Dante's ass, who let out an insane moan while his cock began to explode from an orgasm. Remi felt his mouth fill up with cum. He sealed his lips, not wanting to lose a single drop. Adrianna seemed like the type to make good on her bargains, and Remi intended to swallow it all. His hand stroked Dante's cumming cock while his mouth remained sealed around the tip. Remi felt cum pulsating through Dante's dick, and just the feeling alone was such a significant turn-on.

Adrianna hopped up and knelt next to Remi while Dante moaned away on the bed. A few more seconds, and it was over. Remi carefully released Dante's cock, ensuring he could not drop even the tiniest bit of cum. He leaned his head back and carefully opened his mouth. Adrianna reached over and grabbed Remi by the chin; properly inspecting the contents of Remi's mouth, she looked satisfied.

"Good boy," she whispered. "Now swallow."

Remi closed his mouth and gulped down the warm cum. He derived so much pleasure from this that he wanted to fuck Dante again.

"Show me," Adrianna demanded.

Remi opened his mouth to the inspection of both Dante and Adrianna.

"That's a real good boy," Dante chimed in. "Not so awkward after all."

Remi smiled and nodded in agreement, with the two inspecting him all over.

A naked Adrianna stood up and hopped into the bed. She yawned and motioned for the other two to join her. All three of them curled up on the covers. Remi was in the middle, with Dante in front. He pressed his still hard cock up against Dante's smooth ass while wrapping an arm around the man. Adrianna came up behind Remi, squeezing her boobs against his back and reaching around to play with his nipples.

A tired Adrianna whispered into Remi's ear one last time, "Give me your phone in the morning. Let's do something like this, just you and I, before you leave."

The three of them tangled their legs together, and they began to doze off. Remi remained awake, hoping that the morning included more of what had just taken place. His mind raced with the idea of waking up to Dante and Adrianna both sucking his cock before the three of them went off to take a shower together. A few more fleeting daydreams before he was fast asleep with Dante in his arms and himself being held by Adrianna.

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